lunedì 12 agosto 2013

Bidroop -

What is bidroop?
Bidroop is an international online platform, where everybody can build a crowd and profit from it.
A crowd is built simply by inviting friends. These friends invite some friends of their own and so this quickly builds up and results in a pretty massive collections of friends and "friends of friends".

Later at release level 3 - the profit level - you will earn money with your crowd.
There will be 2 ways to earn money with your crowd: An active and a passive way. Best thing: its for free - well, sort of: Y
ou will have to invest time and love. Only this way bidroop will reward you with money from your crowd.
The bigger your crowd is, the more you will earn from it.

You cannot join unless you are invited so here are some invitation codes.

Join the crowd:

Some other examples, to clarify what bidroop NOT is.
We understand that you want to know right now how you can earn money with your crowd
but we want to make the launch of the 3rd & 4th level (profit & scale) as exciting as possible,
so please just show some patience and trust to the bidroop team.

Here are some examples about what bidroop won't be (list will be updated continuously):
- at bidroop you DON'T have to spam your crowd
- the bidroop reward level "profit" has NOTHING to do with viewing advertisements, surfing websites,
testing things, doing surveys, register at online casinos, trying roulette strategies or any other well known (not working) make money misleading guides.