mercoledì 4 settembre 2013

Navizon - Make money with wireless positioning system


I would like to introduce you to Navizon:

Navizon is a wireless positioning system that works a little bit like a GPS, only that it uses Cellular Towers and Wifi access points instead of satellites. In addition to being a wireless position system, Navizon offers cool features like the Directions, Buddy finder, Geotags and many more...

This software relies on a community of users who contribute data to the system (WiFi and Cellular towers) when they have a GPS device. And the cool thing is that we can earn money doing it with the Navizon reward system.
I'm already using it and you could make money too with it if you're interested. All you need is to install it on your phone and have Navizon connected to your GPS. Every Wifi access points that you pass, every cell tower that you log will mean money in your pocket. So if you have a phone that is compatible with this software, you should really check it out.

If you plan on registering, please do so by clicking on the link below:
That way, I can also earn some referral points since I'm the one who introduced you to the system ;-)

Each 10,000 points you can redeem for a reward (on your rewards page), and 10 $ will be wired to your Paypal account!!!